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Spring has Sprung!

Think asparagus, wild garlic, new season spinach, and rhubarb to name just a few of the sensational spring produce landing in our kitchen.

We have favourite produce from every season but there’s something about the joy of moving from root veg to above-the-ground abundance.

Lucky for us, the asparagus season has started early (a whole month earlier than last year!) so it should be a nice, long season this year. Our asparagus comes from the beautiful Wye Valley where you can get a great view of it from the outcrop of the medieval Goodrich Castle, standing guard over this lovely part of Herefordshire.

Our vegan Vegetable Garden, celebrating the new season veg from Herefordshire, Worcestershire, and Warwickshire is really something special. Just about every dish on our new menu is garnished with the beauty that spring has to offer. We’re now waiting for the Jersey Royals – they’re a wee bit late this year.

Speaking of new season, local produce, our kitchen team has done a takeover of executive chef Nathan’s allotment in Marsh Hill, Erdington. It’s become a family affair stretching over 3 generations. We’ve designated Ben’s dad John as Head Gardener and he’s created a whole year’s growing plan. So far, the beds are getting cleared and are being fertilised with organic matter.

Next step is to grow seedlings in Nathan’s greenhouse and transfer them to the beds once they have a bit of growth. We’re aiming for delicious crops of raspberries, onions, broad beans, and herbs… and that’s just for starters! We’ll be using the crops to garnish our dishes – nothing like being super local

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