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Our Allotment.

Chapter has adopted executive chef Nathan's allotment in Marsh Hill, Erdington. It's a big plot (115sq m) and an ideal patch for our staff to get stuck in and help to cultivate seasonal vegetables and herbs for the restaurant. While the allotment won't produce all of our vegetable needs, we'll be able to provide Chapter with additional produce and garnishes throughout the year. Talk about being super local!

It's become a family affair stretching over 3 generations. We've designated Ben's dad as Head Gardener and he's created a whole year's growing plan. Through this blog, we'll be able to keep you up to date with our progress throughout the growing season.  

March 2024

The beds are getting cleared and being fertilised with organic matter. There was a whole year's growth as Nathan did not have time to tend the allotment all last year. 

It's amazing how quickly weeds (and deep rooted ones!) take over with their own agenda. 

The soil is very rich, dark and full of natural nutrients and worms. It is so well drained that miraculously, the torrential rain we've had did not submerge the patch in great puddles. 

Nathan has started growing seedlings in his green house ready to transfer to the beds once they have a bit of growth. 

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