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Ten Four Bakehouse

Our independent artisanal bread supplier Ten Four Bakehouse has had to announce their immediate closure. We hate to see quality independent businesses close due to landlord greed and the unsustainable rise in costs of produce and energy. We are devastated for them. Their product is superb and it’s ironic that The FT have voted them on of the top 20 bakers in the UK! LINK

Adam Cross, the owner of Ten Four and master baker says ‘Like every other business, we have been battling with rising costs. We have just been presented with a 70% rent increase as part of contract negotiations with our landlord which has quite simply rendered our business unviable…They are unwilling to negotiate and therefore we have no choice but to stop baking immediately whilst we vacate the premises.

As you’ll know, costs of ingredients have risen exponentially, dairy costs have increased by up to 95%, flour and grain has increased by as much as 40% a bag. We haven’t even seen the impact on our energy costs yet as we have been on a fixed price contract, but in the coming months we are expected to see an increase of over 180%.

We have tried desperately to find a way forward but we cannot charge in the region of £8 for a loaf of bread when people and businesses are struggling to survive - that’s the equivalent increase to our own prices to cover our increased costs.’

We know that Adam is searching for new premises and we are confident that Ten Four will rise again.

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