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Staff visit to Worcester Produce

On a Monday in July we took the team to Worcester Produce, our lovely supplier of fruit and veg based in Pershore. What a fabulous day we had! We toured their warehouses to see all the freshly picked goods ready to go out to customers: towers of mushrooms grown in Leicestershire, cherries from county orchards (see the cherry monster above), peas you could eat straight from the shell, beans, carrots, blackberries – you name it! A cornucopia of the finest county produce.

One highlight of the day was the trip to Westlands, the largest cultivators of micro herbs in Europe. What an impressive site with state of the art production facilities and major investment in sustainable practices and energy efficiency; water is recycled and electricity generated on site with solar panels. In greenhouse after greenhouse, tiny herbs and edible flowers were growing – what a beautiful sight, everything from samphire and coriander to nasturtiums and violas!

We popped into Zenith who supply our rocket – very interesting to discuss how they are trying to get more than 2 or 3 crops out of their plants when in Italy they can achieve up to 7!

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