Cocktails & Mocktails

The Classics £10.00


Bacardi Carta Blanca/ mint leaves/ lime/ sugar/ soda water 

Flavoured mojito: strawberry, passionfruit, rhubarb, mango, peach

Aperol/ Campari Spritz.

Aperol/ Campari/ Prosecco/ soda water

Gin Rickey. 

Bombay Sapphire/ strawberry puree/ basil syrup/ lemon juice/ soda water 

Tom Collins.

Bombay Sapphire/ lemon juice/ syrup/ soda water 


Jose Cuervo Reposado/ Cointreau/ lime juice/ syrup


Grey Goose citron/ Cointreau/ cranberry juice/ lime juice 

Mai Tai. 

Bacardi Carta Blanca/  Cointreau/ lime & pineapple juice/ dark rum

Pimm's Cup. 

Pimm's / lemon juice/  ginger beer

Bourbon Old Fashioned. 

Woodford Reserve/ angostura bitters/ pinch soft brown sugar

Aperol Aranchiata. 

Aperol/ Sipsmith Dry/ Fevertree Blood Orange

French Martini.

Grey Goose Original/ Chambord / pineapple juice/ syrup/ lime juice 

Signature £12.50

Tiffany's Vespa. 

Grey Goose L'Orange/ Sipsmith Orange/ rosemary syrup/ tangerine syrup/ orange bitters

created by our bartender - Thomas

Rose Sangria. 

grapefruit juice/ Martell/ apple juice / rose wine/ lemonade


Martini Rubino/ Martell/ Bombay Sunset/ soda

Limon Drizzle Spritz. 

Limoncello/ Sipsmith lemon drizzle/ Fevertree lemonade/ prosecco


Grey Goose Vodka/ Cointreau/ mango juice/ lime juice/ grenadine

Granny Smith Sour. 

Bacardi Carta Blanca/ lime juice/ green apple syrup/ apple juice

created by our bartender - Josh 

Madame Poire. 

Xante Pear/ St Germain/ lemon juice/ pear syrup/ prosecco

created by our bartender - Josh

Bostin' Sidecar. 

B-Rum/ Martell/ Cointreau/ lemon juice/ ginger syrup/ peach puree

created by our bartender - Steve

On The Terrace. 

Sipsmith Gin/ basil syrup/ lime juice/ watermelon juice

Beer Garden. 

Rittenhouse Rye/ ginger syrup/ lemon juice/ Blue Moon/ cacao brown

Brunch Cocktails £10.00


prosecco/ Cointreau/ orange juice  

Strawberry Daiquiri.

Bacardi Carta Blanca/ strawberry puree/ lime juice 



peach/ strawberry/ passionfruit/ mango 


each served with:

tomato juice/ Worcestershire sauce/ tabasco/ horseradish/ black pepper/ celery salt 

Bloody Mary - 42 Below

Bloody Maria - Patron Silver

Bloody Marianne - Woodford Reserve

Red Snapper - Bombay Sapphire

Bloody Sherry - Amontillado sherry

Bloody Martini - Punt e Mes vermouth

Adult No & Low Alcohol Cocktails


Lyre's white cane spirit/ apple juice/ lime wedges/ mint leaves/ soda water: strawberry, rhubarb, mango, passionfruit, peach

Rhubarb & Elderflower. 

Sipsmith Freeglider/ rhubarb puree/ elderflower syrup/ lemon juice/ soda water 

Sober Italian Spritz. 

Lyre's Italian spritz/ Fevertree blood orange 

Innocent Espresso Martini. 

Alcohol-free coffee liqueur/ espresso/ vanilla syrup

Sun Kisses. 

Sipsmith Freeglider/ passionfruit puree/ Fevertree lemonade


Sipsmith Freeglider/ lemon juice/ basil syrup/ watermelon juice 

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Child Friendly Mocktails £4.50 each

Scarlett Lemonade. 

lemon juice | honey | Grenadine | dash of  lemonade

Roaring Rory. 

pineapple | apple | orange juice | Blue Mandarin syrup 

Captain Layton. 

Blue Mandarin syrup | apple juice | lemon juice | soda 

Pippy Knows Best. 

cherry puree | caramel syrup | fizzy lemonade | lemon juice 

Lottie's Garden. 

apple juice | vanilla | cinnamon | lemon juice